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The purpose of Upward Sports Ministry is to fulfill God's vision that He planned long ago by promoting:

  1. Salvation - To share the love of Jesus Christ with everyone involved in an Upward ministry.
  2. Character - To help every child grow as Jesus did - spiritually, physically, mentally, and socially.
  3. Self-Esteem - To help every child grow in their understanding and enjoyment of sports.

One of the tools Upwards uses to achieve these goals is the GAME DAY STAR. In order to build self-esteem and team spirit, each player will be awarded an iron-on star after each game.

The Blue Star represents BEST EFFORT

Good athletes do the best they can on every play. But even these players fall short of being perfect. Michael Jordan, who is possibly the greatest basketball player of all time, missed almost 100 free throws in one season. The Blue Star reminds us that no one is perfect and we need to remember to always do our best in life and the game. The Blue Star is awarded to the athlete who is showing great effort in the game.

The Gold Star represents BEST SPORTSMANSHIP in Basketball and Soccer and MOST SPIRIT in Cheerleading

Athletes demonstrate sportsmanship in the game by taking responsibility for their mistakes, like raising their hands when they commit a foul, or lending a helping hand to a down player. The Gold Star reminds us to take responsibility in life and in the game. Athletes that demonstrate good sportsmanship are awarded the Gold Star.

The Gray Star represents BEST OFFENSE in Basketball and Soccer and BEST CHEER in Cheerleading

In order to win a game, players must take the ball and move toward the goal. In order to win in life, we all must take a step of faith and move toward the goal of knowing and growing in Jesus Christ. The Gray Star is awarded to athletes who show good offense in the game.

The Red Star represents BEST DEFENSE in Basketball and Soccer and BEST LEADERSHIP in Cheerleading

As athletes learn the game, they learn that when the other team takes over the ball, good players must turn and go in the opposite direction to keep the other team from going towards their goal. The best defense in life is to turn towards Jesus and allow Him to take you in His direction. Athletes who show good defense are awarded the Red Star.

The White Star represents CHRISTLIKENESS

To be Christlike means to act the way Jesus would in every situation, on and off the court. Your Christlikeness will be seen in the game, in school, and in other places. Being an encourager is one way in which you can show Christlikeness. Players who demonstarte Christlikeness are awarded the White Star.

The Green Star represents SCRIPTURE LEARNING

Developing a Winners Heart is the theme for the practice devotion time. Each week athletes are presented with a devotional message which prepares them to have a winning heart for the game, and life. Athletes who demonstrate a developing heart, by participating in scripture learning, are awarded a Green Star at the weekly devotional.

How to Apply the Stars 

* Stars can be placed on either Jersey
Drain water from iron.
Preheat the iron to it's hottest setting.
Important! Iron and preheat the garment.
Place star, adhesive side down, on garment. (milky matte finish should be facing down.)
Cover star with a handkerchief or one-ply cotton t-shirt.
Apply pressure for 15-20 seconds only.

"For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life." - John 3:16

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